Saturday, 25 June 2011


Hiho everyone!

Welcome to my all new blog.
As I plan to start a career as a freelance miniature sculptor I will show here what's happening on my workbench.

But first some introductory words...

Before I started professional sculpting I made my living with dental technology for 15 years.
When my longtime mate Stefan from Masquerade Miniatures offered me a job in his company I did not hesitate to assent - who gets the chance to work in his hobby?
Stefan showed me a lot of tricks and knowledge, not only about sculpting but also about mould-making and casting, be it in resin or white metal.

Now it is time for me to walk a new road and see where it leads me.
I am really looking forward to this new freelancer venture and with this blog I will try to let all those interested partake in it.

So, what is happening on my workbench right now?
Not as much, as would like - starting self-employment is associated with a lot of work and there is still so much I have to make myself acquaint with - but nevertheless, a longtime favourite project of mine is now on the go and I recently finished the first of a line of Lansquenet-Dwarfs.

As soon as I have finished work on my photo station I will post pictures here.

Untill then greetings from me,



  1. Würden sie auch Herr der Ringe Miniaturen modelieren? Wenn ja wie wären sie zu kontaktieren?

  2. Prinzipiell würde ich das machen, ja. Die Frage ist, was Sie damit zu tun gedenken. Wenn Sie die Modellationen kommerziell nutzen wollen, brauchen Sie dafür die Rechte, wie zum Beispiel Games Workshop sie hat.
    Zu erreichen bin ich unter:

    Beste Grüße,
    Gregor Adrian