Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More old stuff...

Been busy the last week helping a friend out, but now, as promised, a selection of more stuff of old:

This is the dwarf mentioned in the last post. My second sculpt and the first sculpt ever to be eternalised in tin...  Oh, and my paint job as well...  :-D

 My third sculpt and my first shot at human anatomy. A bit stocky, that fellow...^^

A fun project. Santa rising from the grave to attend to his duties...

Oh yes, this one was special. Started for fun in 2004 when a friend visited me for a sculpting session I soon got carried away going way too far into detail and finding myself unable to stop. A full dragon was intended, but the beast would have been enormous, so it ended up as a bust. After 4 years of working on it whenever I felt like doing so, hrhr... Obtainable at Masquerade Miniatures.

One of the more recent projects this started out in summer 2010. It was so hot back then that I nearly melted sculpting this while sitting in my working office located under the roof. Finishing this one I did two conversions, while Stefan, the master mind of Masquerade Miniatures, did two more, so in the end there was a whooping 5 different wolves to be had. Here are mine:

These are obtainable from Masquerade Miniatures, cast in tin. I just say: Heavy Metal!

The last pics for today show two of the three Giant Bats I did while working for Masquerade Miniatures. The need for those arose because the alternatives out there where not to our liking, so there. D.I.Y.-style. Interesting for all those Vampire Counts out there... ^^.

So there you go, a small selection of what I did in the past. Next time I write will be something up to date.




  1. Very cool sculpts and a very nice selection first sculpts!

  2. The bats are magnificent, but I'm having no luck finding an online store i can get them from :(

    1. Look here:

    2. Ah thanks! No idea why google was being mean and not getting me there. :)