Friday, 13 January 2012

Holy Smoke...

...pouring from the censer held aloft by the all new second Technoservant I have finished yesterday.
Just as the first Technoservant this one also has two options for the right arm:
- Servoarm with chainsaw
- Weaponarm with flamer
Both arm options can also be used with the first Technoservant and vice versa.

As with all my other miniatures I plan to release this one in the second half of this year, depending on how much miniatures I manage to sculpt till then.

Probably I will first release a very limited amount of resin copies, numbering around 15 or so.
A little time later those will be followed by regular production copies made in white metal.
At least that is my momentary state of affairs.




  1. Brilliant! Put me on the list for one of the 15 resin ones!
    Keep up the great work mate.

  2. Likewise - that's an awesome set, look fwd to more output.