Friday, 20 July 2012

Back at the workbench

Hiho everyone

Too short. Great, but too short. That pretty much sums it up what I think about my holyday.

Now there is work to be done so I won't linger here for too long but here is another release that waited some time to be made public.
It is some monstrous skulls  I did for the fellows of Tabletop-Art. A dragon skull, a griffin skull and a minotaur skull for use with 30mm scale miniatures:

Click here for the painted version.

Hope you like them.




  1. Really neat stuff, quite spooky. You've probably written about this previously but what the material they're sculpted in?

  2. The skulls are sculpted in BeesPutty, a 2-component putty.

    BeesPutty is homemade by a friend and fellow sculptor for personal use only, so unfortunately it is not purchasable.

    If you are looking for something similar try Magic Sculp.