Monday, 25 February 2013

Some old sculpts finally got released

Hi again.
February nears its end and I have not had the time to write my post for this month.
Nothing shall keep me from writing now!

News are to be told and shown, as some rather old sculpts have finally made it into production.

Let me start with the first miniature I contributed for the splendid range of Freebooter Miniatures:

I sculpted this back in early 2012, using a custom made two-component putty called "Beesputty". If you are interested in seeing this miniature painted, or would like to purchase it follow this link.

After much waiting Tabletop-Art finally released some Tank-Upgrade Kits I started as far back as late 2011:

The white plastic card piece with the spine on it is not part of the set...

They also released a set of ghostly steam clouds, conversions of the original steam clouds I did for them some time ago:

And last but not least some damaged skulls (Can there ever be enough skulls? ^^):

All this new Tabletop-Art stuff can be found beautifully painted here.

Just some samples, so don't miss it:

My last words in this post go out to the ones who are keen to know any news about my own miniature line.
I am currently spending what time I can on painting the miniatures. The dwarfs and the hog-man are finished, right now I have got the satyr ancient under my brush.
After that I will paint the two robe-guys.
Parallel I have also produced the first two production moulds. As soon as I can I will visit my buddy Stefan again to further this venture.
I know I have kept some of you waiting a long time already. I hope you can bear to wait a bit longer, I promise I do what I can to keep the witing time as short as possible.

All the best,




  1. Hi Gregor,

    so whats the putty you use(d) there?!

  2. The putty I used for most of my sculpts back in that time is a two-component putty which is custom-made by a friend of mine.
    He normally produces it only for his own needs (he is sculptor too), but I am a lucky fellow and so he shares some of it with me.
    In use it is similar to other two-component putties like Green Stuff, ProCreate and Magic Sculp but it has sculpting properties that are better suited for my way of sculpting.

    At the moment Stefan is working on a one-component putty which cures by backing it in an oven.
    I can not predict if and when it will be purchasable, but at least that is what Stefan plans to do.
    I have already used it and think that it is a very good sculpting putty.

  3. nice art work. All work is wonderful...
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  4. This is a fantastic showcase: seeing the sculpts and then the final casts is really inspiring!