Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Another stout dwarf

Buenos dias, good mornig, bonjour und guten Morgen.

I do not know if it is really time to reveal another dwarf but...... who cares?
So here we go!  :-)

This one is the missing fellow of the two dwarfs I shared with you in my last post two days ago.
He is the standardbearer of the Armed Elite of the Emperor's Dwarfs - the Bidenhänder Regiment.

Grizzled veterans of many a battle, clad in solid dwaven steel and armed with the finest weapon to cleave an orc in twain - the mighty Bidenhänder or Zweihänder - a two handed sword even larger than the dwarf wielding it!

Of my consisting factions this will be the very first to see some love in form of more troopers.

The plan is to sculpt 6 dwarfs for this unit in different poses whenever my time schedule of sculpting commissions allows in the comming months. Perhaps even a hero of sorts.

I won't be doing only dwarfs in the near future but they will surely be the main focus of my line for now.

There just can not be enough dwarfs in Lansquenet style, can there?

Enough ranting, let the pictures do the talking:

The next dwarf will be revealed in a couple of days, so don't miss to check here once in a while.

Hasta luego, cheers, salut! und bis dann,


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  1. Another masterpiece! ...and to answer your question...No...there can never be too many puff and slash dwarves!