Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A long wait for.... Swordplayer 3


I could not post any news in February as all of the stuff I have sculpted in the last weeks is not yet released and so can not be revealed here.

But I hope the news will compensate for the long wait because though I have a very tight schedule of commissions to do I managed to find some time to sculpt another Swordplayer for my Lansquenet Dwarfs:

Swordplayer 3 is sculpted using a new prototype of BeeSPutty called BeeSPuttty Plastic.
The sculpting properties are quite similar to BeeSPutty Rock, just being slightly harder while sculpting and being even harder after baking so that it can easily be sanded, drilled, sawed and even milled.

(Check out this YouTube video where you can see BeeSPutty Plastic being milled).




  1. And the Dwarven-King said, sculpt me a Dwarven army... :-)

    1. Ain't an army yet, but I'll do what I can...^^

  2. Another great figure! Getting better all the time, even when I thought there was no more room for improvement...
    Now for the really important things: when will these last three swordplayers be available?

  3. I have just received the first 4 dwarfs and they are STUNNING!!!, AMAZING detail these are going to be a pleasure to paint and own.

  4. @Fernando Cecilio: Thank you. :-)
    I finished painting the three new dwarfs and also did the pictures just now. Still today I will show those here on my blog.
    The miniatures should thus be available soon.

    @lone dirty dog: Glad you like them, thanks for the praise. :-)