Saturday, 27 September 2014

The end of my freelancer "era"...

...has come upon me.

Since the beginning of 2011 I have been working professionaly in the miniature sculpting business and since October 2011 I have been doing it as a freelancer - but no more.

I had some hopes that I would be able to spent the rest of my working career in this genre - but, alas, it was not to be.
Though I had enough commissions and loyal costumers, at long sight the effort I put into my freelance career did not pay off for me.

I could pay my monthly bills but in regard of retirement arrangements and family plans the income was way to low, even working up to 70 hours a week.
Either I was working to slow or did not charge enough, or a bit of both, hard for me to judge that without any real possibilities of comparison.

Another negative aspect for me was the fact that even after finishing my days work I did not really have "closing time in my head".

I think my disposition is more of the employee kind by nature...

To make a long story short: From the first of September on I stopped being a freelance miniature sculptor and went back to work in my old job as a dental technician again.

Now, is that the end to RuneCast-Miniatures or this Blog?
No and no!

Both this blog and RuneCast-Miniatures will live on for the time being.
My new employer allows me to keep RuneCast-Miniatures going as a sideline job.
Whenever I feel the call I will do new sculpts for my miniatures line.
Also will I share pictures of the rest of my so far unreleased sculpting commissions.

For now I can share pictures of my very last commission which I did for a private costumer:

The costumer than did not like the eyes very much so the sculpt got changed into a more Giger-like alien without eyes:

Height is over 7 cm and sculpted in BeeSPutty, as usual.

Next time I will reveal a new miniature for my own miniature line as mentioned in my August post.
Will it be a new dwarf? Will it be a new beast kin? Or a new cultist perhaps? We will see...^^




  1. Have my fingers crossed for a new beast-kin.

  2. Hi Runecast, I am sad and happy at the same time to hear that! Sad as I think you were or better are very talented, and we will probably benefit less from this talent now, happy for you if you think that this is the right step and if you get a better living from it. Speaking so, would you recommend anyone becoming a sculptor? I liked the idea of doing so but now I fear that it is really a "not so well payed" job...

    All the best,

    1. What a shame, you're clearly a very adept miniatures sculptor (those dental clients will be sporting beautiful teeth).

      I think you have to either get lucky with one of the handful of larger companies, or turn out high volumes of work for the smaller fish (which is quite morale destroying for those with an expressive intent).
      Aren't GW the only current company to offer full time employment (and they are a dubious long term employment prospect)?
      And gone are the days of royalties for all but a few.

      Working piecemeal for small manufacturers offers no long term prospects, and sculptors are more widely available- thus disposable nowadays.
      I think long term, a creative (as you are) must come up with properties/mythos.. products of their own,to avoid being expendable.

      That Alienesque critter looks a lot of work. Chainsword must have been a pain in the butt to have sculpted so crisply.

      In response to Bennet, I'd look to digital. That could lead to film/video game work besides miniatures. Sculpt traditionally if you enjoy it, but don't look to rely on it as a sole means of generating a decent (average or above) income.

  3. You are one of the most taltented sculpting bastards I know. I can understand all aspects of this step. Sculpt some miniatures from time to time... By the way, how should I cast the handl of this chainsaw :-) ....

  4. It's 2016 and kinda sad that he didn't kept his word with updating this site.I just bought some knight helmets from a german retailer and i'm so happy with them that i really would have loved to see what else RuneCast hast in their line.Unfortunatly, nothing happened since the ''I'm done'' message.So,the only thing i can do now is to buy the rest of the knight helmets the retailer has cause they're perfect for my medieval german knights and they look so beautiful that i want to give you a BIG THANK YOU!


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