Monday 27 June 2011

Another day, another post!

As promised I spent some time with my camera equipment and finally managed to take some shots of my last miniature:
Armed Lansquenet Dwarf Standardbearer.

Well, finally I made a start and here is what the first one looks like:

The tin dwarf in the last pic is an old Marauder Dwarf, just for size comparison.

Hope you like him. Next will be the musician for the commando group, I already started and will be posting pics soon.
Feel free to leave comments,


Saturday 25 June 2011


Hiho everyone!

Welcome to my all new blog.
As I plan to start a career as a freelance miniature sculptor I will show here what's happening on my workbench.

But first some introductory words...

Before I started professional sculpting I made my living with dental technology for 15 years.
When my longtime mate Stefan from Masquerade Miniatures offered me a job in his company I did not hesitate to assent - who gets the chance to work in his hobby?
Stefan showed me a lot of tricks and knowledge, not only about sculpting but also about mould-making and casting, be it in resin or white metal.

Now it is time for me to walk a new road and see where it leads me.
I am really looking forward to this new freelancer venture and with this blog I will try to let all those interested partake in it.

So, what is happening on my workbench right now?
Not as much, as would like - starting self-employment is associated with a lot of work and there is still so much I have to make myself acquaint with - but nevertheless, a longtime favourite project of mine is now on the go and I recently finished the first of a line of Lansquenet-Dwarfs.

As soon as I have finished work on my photo station I will post pictures here.

Untill then greetings from me,