Wednesday 8 February 2012

Guess what: New Terminators!

This fella must be Terminator-addicted or something.

Recently I finished another Terminator conversion job for him.
Makes me wonder when the next bunch of those will come along...^^

Apart from that I did more stuff for Tabletop-Art and Freebooter. I hope they release some of that soon, so that I can present some pictures here.



Sunday 5 February 2012

First releases of commissions

What I do dislike a bit about my job is the fact, that under normal circumstance I am not allowed to show here the stuff that I finished for other companies. In short: commissions.

Of course I do understand the necessity not to interfere with release schedules. Still, having completed a job I would love to share some pictures here.

But, alas, I can't...

At least not untill the commissioning company has released the miniatures in question.
Unbelievable how long it takes some of them to release their stuff.
Of all the things I sculpted so far two things have been released so far:

A hussar wing I did for MaxMini:

Click here

And a conversion of the cultist heads from Tabletop-Art to be more Sci-fi like:

Click here

I am still waiting for more stuff from MaxMini, Freebooter Miniatures and Tabletop-Art to be released.
I hope they hurry up a bit, so I can show more pictures of releases here soon.

Especially Tabletop-Art have a lot of sculpts from me in the pipe, so all I can say to them is: