Sunday 28 October 2012

More Ulisses Miniatures, Part 1

Hi again

Time to show some more of the sculpts I did for Ulisses. Here a woman called "Thinskari", the first female I ever sculpted:

The third miniature I did for them was also a woman, named "Kapermagierin"  (~Privateer Mage):

There you go, more revelations next week.

Thursday 18 October 2012


Hiho again

It is way into October and I feel I can now reveal what I have been working on for quite some time in the last months.
Ulisses, a german publisher of fantasy games, plans to release a new skirmish game for their roleplaying community. Most of this community are more into typical pen&paper roleplaying, using a fantasy setting called "Das schwarze Auge" (DSA) which translated means "The black eye". It is comparable to D&D but less known of course, as it is only published in german language as far as I know.

The game will be called "Schicksalspfade" ("Paths of Fate") and is aimed to give the pen&paper community an insight into the tabletop world.

The basic game will have cardboard figures to play with to keep the price on a low level.           
Of course it is also aimed at the tabletop community. That's why all the miniatures will also be available as metal miniatures.

That is where us sculptors come into the fray. Us means Stefan B. Niehues-Ellermann from Masquerade-Miniatures, Mati Zander (better known as "badsmile") and, well, me.

The game will be revealed to a bigger audience right now as I write this on the international gaming trade fair "Spiel" in Essen, here in Germany.

Many of the miniatures have already appeared in the internet on various online shops, so I feel free to reveal some pictures myself.

I will show them in the chronological order in which I sculpted them.

Each sculptor got one faction to sculpt which for now consists of 6 different miniatures.
My first faction was the "Thorwalers", a group most would describe as nordic or viking style people.
I started with their "priest"called "Swafnir-Geweihter" which means something like "Devotee of Swafnir" or "Sacred one of Swafnir".

Here some (rather bad) shots of the sculpt:

Here a slightly better picture of a resin master next to a GamesWorkshop Empire soldier for size comparison:

The miniatures are 30mm to 32 mm in average height, but more akin to "True Scale", so a bit slimmer than the standard GW miniature.

Hope you like it.

I will reveal more of my Ulisses sculpts in the time to come.