Saturday 31 March 2012

Another MaxMini Release

Hiho again

As much as I would prefer to show more recent stuff, especially what I am currently sculpting for a not so small german company which is normally more linked to classical pen&paper roleplaying games, I can only show things which are not under NDA rule (Non-Disclosure-Agreement).

So here one of my earlier works for MaxMini, now finally released:



Wednesday 14 March 2012

At long last time for another dwarf!

First signs of withdrawal syndrome showed for not sculpting a dwarf for such a long time, so I had no choice: I had to sculpt another one of the stout folk for my salvation and peace of mind.

Inspiration came when I read of this years' sculpting competition in the Mini Sculpture Forum.

This will be my contribution:

Now I am feeling much better and can sculpt other stuff with hands that aren't shaking anymore... ;-)

Hasta luego,


Monday 5 March 2012

Gladiator Heads released

Another commission has seen its' release at long last.

In fact it was one of my very first commissions since I have started freelancing last year:
Gladiator heads for the polish company MaxMini .

Here another picture, with a nice paint job:

Next on my workbench there is another miniature for my own miniature series waiting to be done.

I hope I can present first pictures soon.