Sunday 29 January 2012

Run Forrest Run !

Ok, his name ain't Forrest.

This Wolf Guard is named Bran and he is the second Thunderwolf Rider I finished for my Sven Bloodhowl Company.

As I already have shared some pictures of the conversion with you lot I thought I might also show some pictures of the finished painted version.

The result shows me that I seriously have to hone my photography skills...^^

Anyway, here the pics:


Friday 13 January 2012

Holy Smoke...

...pouring from the censer held aloft by the all new second Technoservant I have finished yesterday.
Just as the first Technoservant this one also has two options for the right arm:
- Servoarm with chainsaw
- Weaponarm with flamer
Both arm options can also be used with the first Technoservant and vice versa.

As with all my other miniatures I plan to release this one in the second half of this year, depending on how much miniatures I manage to sculpt till then.

Probably I will first release a very limited amount of resin copies, numbering around 15 or so.
A little time later those will be followed by regular production copies made in white metal.
At least that is my momentary state of affairs.