Monday 24 December 2012


Or something like that...^^

Yeah, Christmas is here, this year is almost through but I won't let 2012 go without sharing some more pictures with you lot.

It is some kind of a special because most of you won't be able to see pictures of this miniature anywhere else.
Why is that? you might wonder.

Well, because this mini is a promo miniature which was only available when Ulisses started selling their new skirmish game "Schicksalspfade" at the games convention "Spiel 2012" in the city Essen here in Germany back in October.

From what I know only 1000 of this have been cast and are already out of stock. So there!
Working title of this miniature was "Namenloser Geweihter", which means something like "Nameless Sacred One".

On to the pics:

There you go, that's it for 2012.

I whish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Sunday 23 December 2012

More Ulisses Miniatures, Part III

I am a bit late, am I not?

Yes, I think I am a bit late, but I do have good excuses, as I am very busy sculpting away for commissions and on top of that furthering my own line of miniatures.
The resin masters have all been cast and cleaned now and are ready to be used for the casting moulds.

Those moulds I have ordered have arrived in the meantime so that I will be visiting my buddy Stefan from Masquerade Miniatures more often in the near future in order to produce the moulds for metal casting using his facilities (a big THANKS in advance to you, Stefan).

My ordered tin alloy has yet to arrive, which won't happen this year, that much I have been told.

I aimed to get the realease done this year still but, alas, it was not to be. Shame on me, but even my day has got no more than 24 hours and I also am married to a wife who keeps me fairly busy...  ;-)

Anyway, it says "More Ulisses Miniatures" in the headline, so here we go:

The first one to be revealed is the last mini of the "Thorwaler" faction, the "Hailanzerin" which means something like "Sharklancer".

Next I would like to show the second faction I did two sculpts for, the "Heroes and Villains".

First was the "Söldnerschütze" (Mercenary Marksman).

Second of that faction was the "Schwertgeselle" which I would translate as "Swordfighter" or "Swordbloke".

More of the Ulisses minis and other stuff to come soon.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Saturday 10 November 2012

More Ulisses Miniatures, Part II

Hello again to part 2 of the Ulisses Miniatures revelation posts.

Last time I revealed two of the three "Thorwaler" ladies. Time to show some more guys now.

Miniature number 4 I did for Ulisses was a crazed called "Walwütiger", some kind of battlerager.
Wielding a massive axe he charges to smash his enemies into smithereens.
Like many of the minis I sculpted for Ulisses this too consits of more than one part, two in this case.
And like all of the miniatures I did for Ulisses I used a custom-made one-component putty from my friend and colleague Stefan from Masquerade-Miniatures.

Here some pictures:

On to the "Hetmann" (Chief) of the Thorwalers, number 5 counting-wise. My first one-piece mini for them, though in the preliminary talk it was said that most of the sculpts would be one-piece.
If only they told that to the concept artists...^^

Anyway, here the sole picture I have of that guy:

There you are, five of the six Thorwalers revealed. The last one, a woman again, ist still not revealed by Ulisses, so I want reveal her either. ;-)

The next ones I will show are two fellows of the faction "Heroes and Villains".

Hasta la proxima,


Sunday 28 October 2012

More Ulisses Miniatures, Part 1

Hi again

Time to show some more of the sculpts I did for Ulisses. Here a woman called "Thinskari", the first female I ever sculpted:

The third miniature I did for them was also a woman, named "Kapermagierin"  (~Privateer Mage):

There you go, more revelations next week.

Thursday 18 October 2012


Hiho again

It is way into October and I feel I can now reveal what I have been working on for quite some time in the last months.
Ulisses, a german publisher of fantasy games, plans to release a new skirmish game for their roleplaying community. Most of this community are more into typical pen&paper roleplaying, using a fantasy setting called "Das schwarze Auge" (DSA) which translated means "The black eye". It is comparable to D&D but less known of course, as it is only published in german language as far as I know.

The game will be called "Schicksalspfade" ("Paths of Fate") and is aimed to give the pen&paper community an insight into the tabletop world.

The basic game will have cardboard figures to play with to keep the price on a low level.           
Of course it is also aimed at the tabletop community. That's why all the miniatures will also be available as metal miniatures.

That is where us sculptors come into the fray. Us means Stefan B. Niehues-Ellermann from Masquerade-Miniatures, Mati Zander (better known as "badsmile") and, well, me.

The game will be revealed to a bigger audience right now as I write this on the international gaming trade fair "Spiel" in Essen, here in Germany.

Many of the miniatures have already appeared in the internet on various online shops, so I feel free to reveal some pictures myself.

I will show them in the chronological order in which I sculpted them.

Each sculptor got one faction to sculpt which for now consists of 6 different miniatures.
My first faction was the "Thorwalers", a group most would describe as nordic or viking style people.
I started with their "priest"called "Swafnir-Geweihter" which means something like "Devotee of Swafnir" or "Sacred one of Swafnir".

Here some (rather bad) shots of the sculpt:

Here a slightly better picture of a resin master next to a GamesWorkshop Empire soldier for size comparison:

The miniatures are 30mm to 32 mm in average height, but more akin to "True Scale", so a bit slimmer than the standard GW miniature.

Hope you like it.

I will reveal more of my Ulisses sculpts in the time to come.



Monday 17 September 2012

Is she fast?

Yes, she is!

Of whom I speak? Of Victoria Lamb! Just about as soon as the legs I sculpted for her reached their destination in Australia she had them moulded and cast up and on her website.

If only all of my customers were that quick in releasing what I sculpted for them...

Some of my customers haven't even released stuff I did back in 2011.

Then again, who am I to fret? Did I manage to release anything of what I sculpted for my own range so far? NO! So I'd better shut up and keep on sculpting...^^

Meanwhile a picture of what I sculpted for Victoria:

To be found here and here on Victorias Website.

Don't tell her that I told you but there will be more legs and commando group stuff comming soon, I just am about to do the last finishing touches on my current commission for her... ;-)
If she keeps up her releasing speed you will see it soon enough on her website and here.

Till then all the best,


Monday 20 August 2012

38°C... It is too hot here...


I am surely melting here...
It is not often that I have to bear 38°C where I come from. 38°Celsius, that is over 100° Fahrenheit, for those who are used to that measurement.

Anyway, while I toil away at things I hopefully can show in the near future some of my older workings have now been released.

MaxMini released the great coat torso I had done for them ages ago.

Find it well painted here

Tabletop-Art released even more skulls for their skull line.
Some human skulls in different sizes (for 90mm size, 54mm size and 30mm size miniatures). They will be sold in 3 different conditions: complete, without lower jaw and the last one with some sort of damage, like cracks, hole, missing teeth, etc.

Find them in 90mm size here
in 54mm size here

Tabletop-Art have animal skulls, human skulls, monster skulls (dragon, minotaur and griffon) and they complete their skull line with skulls of typical fantasy tabletop races.
Demon, dwarf, beastman, ratman, lizardman and orc will now be available skullwise.  :-)

Find them painted here

Ok, that's it for now. I'm off, trying to find something cool to drink...



Friday 20 July 2012

Back at the workbench

Hiho everyone

Too short. Great, but too short. That pretty much sums it up what I think about my holyday.

Now there is work to be done so I won't linger here for too long but here is another release that waited some time to be made public.
It is some monstrous skulls  I did for the fellows of Tabletop-Art. A dragon skull, a griffin skull and a minotaur skull for use with 30mm scale miniatures:

Click here for the painted version.

Hope you like them.



Thursday 28 June 2012

New releases, holiday plans...

Hiho there

Where have I been you might ask?!

Well, sculpting away, that is!

June has been a very busy month for me. That busy that unfortunately I wasn't neither able to sculpt something for my own line nor post anything else.

But now I met all my deadlines for June and that enables me to enjoy my coming holiday with my wife all the more. Lucky me  :-)

At least some of my older sculpts have been released by the correspondent companies.

MaxMini released some more legs I did for them a while ago:

Find them well painted here.

Tabletop-Art released a bunch of stuff I sculpted aeons ago.

Some banners:

Find them well painted here.

Cultist commander conversion set:

 These and more painted heads here.

And finally some smoke plumes for tanks or Warjacks and such:

Painted here -



That's about it for this time.
I'm off, looking forward to my holiday.

Cheers  :-)