Friday 25 May 2012

Grrrrooiiiinnkk !!

Hog-time it is!

One more of the beastly tribe and kin to the Satyr Ancient I presented in my last post.
What name to give him? Minoboar? Hogman? Werepig?

I don't know yet but that should not keep me from sharing some pictures with you.

Hoggie is mean, clever and lucky.

At least that is what he thinks from himself.

Bashing one of his more recent knightly victims showed him, that a wooden club won't last forever if the opponent is clad in iron. Cunning made him slam the club into the knight's helmet, thus getting a wonderfully durable bludgeon and finally he added his last lucky find - a dragon tooth.

So far nothing could withstand this most terrible of weapons - but then again till now he just used it to open a rather defenceless barrel of beer...

(GW Miniature on the right just shown for size comparison)

Hope you like him.

Not sure what I'll come up next with for this faction, but I think it's time for something less traditional.
First I have to work off a bucketful of commissions though, so no comments on time schedule... :-)