Sunday 5 January 2014

Swordplayer 2


Yesterday evening saw the last finishing touches to the second Swordplayer of the six I plan to release.

Contrary to the first Swordplayer this one will come in two parts, else I wo't be able to cast him.
The left arm, sword and right hand will be one part, the rest the other part.
Sculpting was again done using BeeSPutty Rock, the sword is one of my presculpt swords in resin, a bit modified with GreenStuff and the rest of the sword-part (i. e. left arm and hands) was sculpted using the old self-curing 2K-BeeSPutty.

I hope to get Swordplayers 1 and 2 produced this month still, but that of course depends on my buddy Stefan who kindly allows me to use his casting facilities.

Here some pictures of the latest addition to the stout ones:

To the pose of the hands:
Yes, viewed from a solely "stationary" point of view this is an awkward position, but please keep in mind it is just a snap shot from a movement action. 

The starting position is this:

Then the tip of the sword is dropped over the left shoulder but without lessening the grip on the sword hilt, the movement comes only from the wrist joints.

You then get there:

From there you could slash in an diagonal upward arc, or in a diagonal overhead arc.
But the sword is of course not meant to be held in that position, it is just part of a movement sequence (holding that lenghty blade for a time to allow my wife to make the photos started to become uncomfortable in the wrists... and don't mind my dirty pullover, that is just my "working wear"...^^)

Ideas for the next one of the Swordplayers are already on my mind, he will have a more relaxed pose than his two predecessors. More I won't reveal for now... ;-)
Before I can get along with that one I have a bunch of commissions to sculpt anyway...^^