Monday 19 May 2014

New Dwarfs now available and other stuff


Good news for those who waited for the Bidenhänder reinforcements - the three new dwarfs presented in my last post are finally available now.

Get them here at PK-PRO Shop

What else happend on my workbench?
At long last Ulisses released the Orcs for their Skirmish Game "Schicksalspfade" I sculpted for them from September to November 2013.

Here some (rather dark) shots:

Then I sculpted some Hell'ington biker legs for Blight Wheel Miniatures:

Apart from that I did some conversions for private persons and am momentarily sculpting the DSA Iconics for the new release of DSA (Das schwarze Auge), a german pen & paper role playing system. Those will be in the same style as these "Schicksalspfade" miniatures.

That much for now, cheers,