Monday 17 September 2012

Is she fast?

Yes, she is!

Of whom I speak? Of Victoria Lamb! Just about as soon as the legs I sculpted for her reached their destination in Australia she had them moulded and cast up and on her website.

If only all of my customers were that quick in releasing what I sculpted for them...

Some of my customers haven't even released stuff I did back in 2011.

Then again, who am I to fret? Did I manage to release anything of what I sculpted for my own range so far? NO! So I'd better shut up and keep on sculpting...^^

Meanwhile a picture of what I sculpted for Victoria:

To be found here and here on Victorias Website.

Don't tell her that I told you but there will be more legs and commando group stuff comming soon, I just am about to do the last finishing touches on my current commission for her... ;-)
If she keeps up her releasing speed you will see it soon enough on her website and here.

Till then all the best,