Monday 23 April 2012

Satyr Ancient

Hiho again

I thought it's about time to post something here again and lucky me, I just have finished another sculpt for my own line.

He is a bit of a starter for a new faction I will do more stuff for, so watch out for more.
I am not quite sure under which name I will be selling these, so for the time being I will call them beastmen.

This will only be one of a few who will look like the more traditional Satyr-like beastmen. Most others of those yet to come will  sport different "animal-parts".
This theme is one where for imagination only the sky is the limit and I plan to make good use of this "sculpting freedom".
So maybe there will be hippo-men, hog-men, rat-men, tiger-men, tapir-men, or whatever hits my mind.
I am rather curious myself as I had no concept art for this one, it developed while sculpting away...  :-)

If someone thinks he/she has got a most splendid idea that needs to be realised, let me know, I just might get tempted. :-)