Monday 23 April 2012

Satyr Ancient

Hiho again

I thought it's about time to post something here again and lucky me, I just have finished another sculpt for my own line.

He is a bit of a starter for a new faction I will do more stuff for, so watch out for more.
I am not quite sure under which name I will be selling these, so for the time being I will call them beastmen.

This will only be one of a few who will look like the more traditional Satyr-like beastmen. Most others of those yet to come will  sport different "animal-parts".
This theme is one where for imagination only the sky is the limit and I plan to make good use of this "sculpting freedom".
So maybe there will be hippo-men, hog-men, rat-men, tiger-men, tapir-men, or whatever hits my mind.
I am rather curious myself as I had no concept art for this one, it developed while sculpting away...  :-)

If someone thinks he/she has got a most splendid idea that needs to be realised, let me know, I just might get tempted. :-)




  1. Wow, Gregor - love this wonderful Satyr/Beastman. Really got something special going on here. Will be looking forward seeing more creatures like this.


  2. That is one sweet figure.

    Please cast it up for sale!

  3. Awesome sculpt, the head and face are excellent, you pulled this out as you went along with no pre-plan? I really like the textures as well. Great sculpt.

  4. Thanks all.

    Yeah, all I had was an overall idea in my head. While sculpting away it developed and new ideas came up that were discarded or implemented.
    Miniatures for my own line are all done that way because till now I couldn't make myself pay some artist to do artworks for me... ^^

  5. Will they all be roughly humansized or biped versions of the animals in orignal size (biestinger)? In the latter case a fox thief with dagger (short sword for the fox, foxes are kinda small) in a hooded cloak would be neat. And while you're mixing species anyway, there are hardly any good centaur miniatures out there (huge, think holsteiner or schleswiger, weapons other than spear or bow, unclothed for maximum conversion pleasure). If you made four different sculpts or even made them with several interchangable parts (arms/heads) you might lead the centaur market as far as I know.

  6. Great work. I think you are inspired by the Greek satyr & Jewish "Bright morning Star", the false Messiah, son of the bright morning star - Shimon Bar kokhba, Simon son of the lie, "The beast" mentioned in the Apocalypse 22:16, the "Jewish scapegoat", not Pazuzu, but Lucifer-666-the Star of Israel, primary the "Devil Messiah son of the morning star" worshiped by Jews, still waiting for. With the Freemasons big phallus cover?! Are you mason or Jesuit?