Tuesday 30 August 2011

Yeehaaa !


Yes, it took me a while to find the time to do some sculpting, but now that I found it I can proudly present pictures of my last endeavour.

The champion for my "Armoured Imperial Elite Dwarves".
Resplendent in his masterwork heavy armour, with well groomed beard and eye-patch, a veteran of many a battle, he stoically holds his mighty "Zweihänder" in his calloused hand.
Nothing the enemies could throw at him will break his ease.

Or something like that... ;-)

Well, what more can I say?
Sculpted in Bees Putty again, this gnarled old grumbler completes the commando group for the elite regiment of the imperial dwarves I plan to release in the middle of the next year.
I intend to do about 6 more rank and file troopers for this unit, all armed with two-handed swords. The first 3 for the time of web shop launch around May/June 2012, so there would be availlable the commando group plus 3 troopers. The other 3 as soon as I can do them after that, if sales volume justifies it.
But that is just a rough estimate of what I plan to do.

Anyway, next on my workbench will be another conversion for the Terminator guy.

This time it is a Black Templar Chaplain with skull helmet in Terminator armour he wants me to do - surely looking forward to that one!

Untill then "Saludos a todos!"


Saturday 13 August 2011

New project finished

The Terminator guy surely keeps me busy!

Those Black Templars are truly his soft spot, so he could not refrain from having more conversions done - well, keep them rolling in, mate... ;-)

Ok, let us be a bit more specific:

The task was to convert a standard Forge World "Contemptor Pattern" Dreadnought into a "Black Templar" version.
I was provided with a briefing in written form, with very clear and detailed instructions, even including some photos and sketches. If all customers would go to such lengths to make clear their wishes life would be so much easier for sculptors - great job!

The actual conversion work was again done with "Bees Putty", some metal chains and a bit of "Green Stuff", where the more "sticky properties" of it were useful. The plastic parts are GW and were also provided along with the briefing papers.


Next in line will be finishing my third dwarf - the champion - and another Terminator to be converted, so stay tuned.  :-)



Wednesday 3 August 2011

I got asked...

... so here the answer:

Yes, both dwarves I have done so far will be cast in two parts (see pictures).

The musician can not be done in one part and the standardbearer will be easier to cast this way.

Will it make easier for conversions too, if someone feels obliged to do so.  ;-)

The champion that I am working on at the moment, will be cast as a one-piece, though.



Monday 1 August 2011

Second Imperial Dwarf ready to play a tune

Though I have a lot of writing to do for my coming self-employment I pinched off some time to finish the second dwarf of my projected "Armed Lansquenet Elite Dwarfs".

The second stout one to be presented is the musician with his steel lyra-carillon.
The inspiration for that came to me when I pondered which instrument to give him and remembered the marching bands we have here in Germany when the annual tradition of "Shooting Match Fair" called "Schützenfest" is celebrated in the villages.
The typical marching band in our region sports several snare drums, several flutes, cymbals, a kettle drum and - a lyra-carillon! One of those it had to be.
As my Lansquenet Dwarf Elite is clad in a lot of metal compared to other dwarves in "Landsknecht" style I thought it much more appropriate to give their musician an instrument mostly consisting of metal. A horn would be to normal, a flute to unremarkable, whereas a lyra-carillon is not often seen and spectacular enough for the elite of the dwarfs! So there!

Whenever I find the time I will next be working on the champion for this unit. He is going to be the first to sport the weapon that will be typical for my Lansquenet Elite - the mighty "Zweihänder", a two-handed sword which was the hallmark weapon of the "Landsknechte" of Maximillian German Renaissance.

Untill then have a nice time,