Saturday 13 August 2011

New project finished

The Terminator guy surely keeps me busy!

Those Black Templars are truly his soft spot, so he could not refrain from having more conversions done - well, keep them rolling in, mate... ;-)

Ok, let us be a bit more specific:

The task was to convert a standard Forge World "Contemptor Pattern" Dreadnought into a "Black Templar" version.
I was provided with a briefing in written form, with very clear and detailed instructions, even including some photos and sketches. If all customers would go to such lengths to make clear their wishes life would be so much easier for sculptors - great job!

The actual conversion work was again done with "Bees Putty", some metal chains and a bit of "Green Stuff", where the more "sticky properties" of it were useful. The plastic parts are GW and were also provided along with the briefing papers.


Next in line will be finishing my third dwarf - the champion - and another Terminator to be converted, so stay tuned.  :-)




  1. This was on GW's site today. Is this your army? From skim reading your blog I get the impression that this mini and a few others were converted by you for some other guy to paint, but he doesn't seem to credit you anywhere, or on Deviantart either.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for letting me know.
    Yes, I did the conversions on the Contemptor-Cybot and the Terminator that are shown there.
    A pity, that I don't get credits, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Mr. Matzke is responsible for that.
    Normally he points out, that I did the conversions and is full of praise about it, like in the forum "GW-Fanworld" and "Tabletopwelt" (German forums) or "Heresy online" and "Bolterandchainsword" (English forums).

    So maybe GW messed it up...

    Still, great to see some of my works in the GW news...^^

  3. I'm not sure he credits you on B&C. I don't read the forum but when the Contemptor was released and I was searching for pictures I saw the Templar on various sites - B&C, deviantart, (it really stands out as a great example) and I was surprised to find out (here) that the conversion was commissioned. I had seen no mention of this on the other sites.

    I could be wrong about the B&C, I don't generally read forum threads in great detail, but I couldn't find mention of your name (I checked after I found your blog). The painter did a very good job, it would be nice if he credited you, upfront & with links, on all sites, for sculpting! I hope he has done this on the German sites :)

    Yes GW aren't too reliable with these articles and I can well imagine that they have made a mistake. Steve Whitehead told me that he didn't write any of this though he may have been joking, I'm sometimes not sure with him.

    Anyway as I said, good job.

  4. He did credit me on the B&C Forum, in his thread in post No. 42 giving my full name and a link to this blog, so no problems there.

    When asked about the conversions he always gives them a means to contact me and I already have had new requests for commissions because of that. Everything fine in that regard.

    I don't know though, what he did tell the GW chaps or what he did not tell. Maybe I should ask him...^^

  5. I always do credit Gregor´s work. Actually my first reaction after reading the GW-blog-entry was to write:

    "Leider haben sie Gregors tolle Modellierarbeiten mir zugeschrieben..."

    Meaning something like: "Unfortunately they have accredited Gregor´s great sculpting to me..."

    ( #865

    If I´d really be as sick as to intendedly mean to adorn myself with borrowed plumes, I hadn´t repeatedly mentioned Gregor in my blogs that openly, had I?

    I can imagine where the confusion came from: I´ve told them, that all the tabard and small shields conversions were a commission except for the sword thing that I´d put there myself.

    Another Example of honouring Gregor´s skills and work on my Templars is now in print and can be read in the upcoming issue of Tabletop Insider (#7). So please, Jomi, don´t take this as an offence, but really, don´t try to let my look like a jeallous nerd who needs to steal other´s deserved appraisal.

    No tough feelings... :-)

  6. Hi Matt! I wasn't trying to make you look like a jealous nerd, I suppose I was just trying to find out if this was the case or not, though I wouldn't put it in those precise words ;) I first saw the miniature on deviantart, a site I check most days (I don't surf B&C or GWfanworld) and didn't see any credit given there. As GW also didn't credit the sculptor on their site it's not hard to see where the confusion arises. I'm glad to see that credit is posted on B&C. Great painting and sculpting by the way, this is a really good dread.