Saturday 10 November 2012

More Ulisses Miniatures, Part II

Hello again to part 2 of the Ulisses Miniatures revelation posts.

Last time I revealed two of the three "Thorwaler" ladies. Time to show some more guys now.

Miniature number 4 I did for Ulisses was a crazed called "Walw├╝tiger", some kind of battlerager.
Wielding a massive axe he charges to smash his enemies into smithereens.
Like many of the minis I sculpted for Ulisses this too consits of more than one part, two in this case.
And like all of the miniatures I did for Ulisses I used a custom-made one-component putty from my friend and colleague Stefan from Masquerade-Miniatures.

Here some pictures:

On to the "Hetmann" (Chief) of the Thorwalers, number 5 counting-wise. My first one-piece mini for them, though in the preliminary talk it was said that most of the sculpts would be one-piece.
If only they told that to the concept artists...^^

Anyway, here the sole picture I have of that guy:

There you are, five of the six Thorwalers revealed. The last one, a woman again, ist still not revealed by Ulisses, so I want reveal her either. ;-)

The next ones I will show are two fellows of the faction "Heroes and Villains".

Hasta la proxima,