Monday 30 June 2014

Swordplayer 4 and more

Hello everyone

Having finished another large commission for Ulisses and their upcoming range of DSA Iconics (miniatures for the new edition of "Das schwarze Auge", short: DSA) I was able to find some time to expand my range of Dwarfs in lansquenet style.

In my April post I showed the already purchasable first three Swordplayers for my Bidenhänder unit.
Now I can show you the sculpt of Swordplayer No. 4:

At the moment I am nearly done sculpting No. 5, so I will soon be able to expand the range even further.
I plan to do a Swordplayer No. 6 and maybe even a hero for this unit but that remains to be seen.

What else can I share?

Pictures of these sculpts have already surfaced in the internet so I feel free to share some pictures of my own.

These I sculpted for the upcoming Dwarf Kings Hold - Return of the Necromancer game by Mantic Games:


Twillight Kin Assassin

As always these sculpts were done in BeeSPutty and in case of the Assassin with a mixture of GreenStuff and Milliput.