Tuesday 31 December 2013

Lansquenet-Dwarf Bidenhänder Swordplayer 1 finished.

Hiho and greetings!

Last day of the year and last opportunity to be true to my word.
A promise was made that the Lansquenet-Dwarf Bidenhänders will be the first to get reinforcements so I used the time before the holidays to sculpt a first trooper called "Schwertspieler 1" (Swordplayer 1).

As the other Bidenhänder Dwarfs his upper body is clad in solid dwarven steel, his helmet is a rare cabasset, or "Birnhelm" in german language. To sculpt such a helmet was inspired by a fellow called Fernando, who contacted me with some ideas concerning Lansquenet Dwarfs.
The sculpting again was done with BeeSPutty, the sword was sculpted and than cast in resin to have some copies to convert so that I do not have tosculpt each sword anew.

Here is what the "Lansquenet-Dwarf Swordplayer 1" looks like:

He is the first of 6 Swordplayers I plan to release in the next couple of months. Number 2 is already more than half done and will be revealed as soon as I get him finished.

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Ho and hi again

Not so long and 2013 will be gone.

For over a month now I have my own miniatures on the market and sales have been fine so far, but of course I have also done commissions for other companies.

The chaps at MaxMini from Poland asked me to convert their two "Guerilla Heroines" Anne and Jane to get three more of these hot babes, so I converted them back in July this year using ProCreate for the job:

For more information look here.

Also released was the "Horasier" faction for the game "Schicksalspfade" by Ulisses. I started those in late 2012 and sculpted the last one in February this year. As always the sculpts were made with BeeSPutty, my sculpting putty of choice:

Horasier Capitana




Horasier Mage

Horasier Priest

And finally a promo-miniature for the release of the "Schicksalspfade" campaign-settings:

Right, that's it for the moment.

But I promise here and now to all those who are interested in my miniature line that I will write another post still this year revealing what I have been sculpting for RuneCast-Miniatures.
I promised to do reinforcements for my Bidenhänder Lansquenet-Dwarfs first - did I keep that promise?
Well, stay tuned and find out...^^

Till then I wish you all a Merry Christmas!