Monday 24 December 2012


Or something like that...^^

Yeah, Christmas is here, this year is almost through but I won't let 2012 go without sharing some more pictures with you lot.

It is some kind of a special because most of you won't be able to see pictures of this miniature anywhere else.
Why is that? you might wonder.

Well, because this mini is a promo miniature which was only available when Ulisses started selling their new skirmish game "Schicksalspfade" at the games convention "Spiel 2012" in the city Essen here in Germany back in October.

From what I know only 1000 of this have been cast and are already out of stock. So there!
Working title of this miniature was "Namenloser Geweihter", which means something like "Nameless Sacred One".

On to the pics:

There you go, that's it for 2012.

I whish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Sunday 23 December 2012

More Ulisses Miniatures, Part III

I am a bit late, am I not?

Yes, I think I am a bit late, but I do have good excuses, as I am very busy sculpting away for commissions and on top of that furthering my own line of miniatures.
The resin masters have all been cast and cleaned now and are ready to be used for the casting moulds.

Those moulds I have ordered have arrived in the meantime so that I will be visiting my buddy Stefan from Masquerade Miniatures more often in the near future in order to produce the moulds for metal casting using his facilities (a big THANKS in advance to you, Stefan).

My ordered tin alloy has yet to arrive, which won't happen this year, that much I have been told.

I aimed to get the realease done this year still but, alas, it was not to be. Shame on me, but even my day has got no more than 24 hours and I also am married to a wife who keeps me fairly busy...  ;-)

Anyway, it says "More Ulisses Miniatures" in the headline, so here we go:

The first one to be revealed is the last mini of the "Thorwaler" faction, the "Hailanzerin" which means something like "Sharklancer".

Next I would like to show the second faction I did two sculpts for, the "Heroes and Villains".

First was the "S├Âldnersch├╝tze" (Mercenary Marksman).

Second of that faction was the "Schwertgeselle" which I would translate as "Swordfighter" or "Swordbloke".

More of the Ulisses minis and other stuff to come soon.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!