Saturday 28 September 2013

Back I am, news I got...

Hiho there!

Back I am, news I got... That pretty much sums it up.

France and Spain have been up to every expectation I had - what a trip!
We had much luck with the weather, even in northern Spain, where the average annual rainfall is even higher than where I live here in Germany.
I won't even start to talk about all the good meals we had, it just would take too long. ;-D
Most of all it definitely was nice to see my relatives again and find them all well. Grandma - she just turned 90 this year - reprimanded me though not to wait another six years to come back to visit them.

Anyway, that was just a quick note on my trip to Spain, but what news have I got for you miniature-loving lot?

First, some more stuff I sculpted has been released, the chaps from Tabletop-Art making the start here.
They asked me to sculpt a fantasy football related helmet and then do some conversions of it. Fantasy football was a first for me and definitely was fun, even if it just has been some helmets.
Here is what I sculpted for them:

From that stuff they even did some conversions themselves like adding skulls into the helmets to get some pieces for an Undead Team:

So far there are four different teams available, find them here.

Blight Wheel Miniatures are renewing their Sino Russia Stuff.
So far I have done new heads and torsos for them:

Like with the Tabletop-Art helmets I first did a presculpt head and converted that then to safe some time.

Same with the torsos:

In the next picture you can see the difference in size between the old Sino Russia Torso (far right) and the new ones (both in the middle). The torso on the far left is one of the Grant's Spectres Torsos and as you can see the new Sino Russia Torsos go well along those in size comparison.

 Furthermore the guys from Blight Wheel also released the first stuff I sculpted for them - Cloaks.
The set contains three "normal" cloaks, one for their "kneeling" leg variant, and finally one shorter torn cloak:

Find their stuff here.

Does it stop here? Actually no, but I am running out of time.
In my next blog post I will be showing some animals I did for Stronghold Terrain and finally I will be showing some pictures of the painted versions of my own stuff.

Here a sneak preview:

Ok, that's it for now, I'm off...