Tuesday 30 August 2011

Yeehaaa !


Yes, it took me a while to find the time to do some sculpting, but now that I found it I can proudly present pictures of my last endeavour.

The champion for my "Armoured Imperial Elite Dwarves".
Resplendent in his masterwork heavy armour, with well groomed beard and eye-patch, a veteran of many a battle, he stoically holds his mighty "Zweihänder" in his calloused hand.
Nothing the enemies could throw at him will break his ease.

Or something like that... ;-)

Well, what more can I say?
Sculpted in Bees Putty again, this gnarled old grumbler completes the commando group for the elite regiment of the imperial dwarves I plan to release in the middle of the next year.
I intend to do about 6 more rank and file troopers for this unit, all armed with two-handed swords. The first 3 for the time of web shop launch around May/June 2012, so there would be availlable the commando group plus 3 troopers. The other 3 as soon as I can do them after that, if sales volume justifies it.
But that is just a rough estimate of what I plan to do.

Anyway, next on my workbench will be another conversion for the Terminator guy.

This time it is a Black Templar Chaplain with skull helmet in Terminator armour he wants me to do - surely looking forward to that one!

Untill then "Saludos a todos!"



  1. Heavy armours and two handed sword, just what I needed XD

  2. Looks interesting for me to paint.

  3. Very cool...this is one bad ass looking dwarf...he will certainly find a home on my table.

  4. Hello,how buy your works?I like your dwarves

    How contact to you,please?

    Thank you very much

  5. @Andy: You can contact me here. I get a message to my email account if you write to me.

    My miniatures can not be bought at the moment. I am still working on the range and as soon as I have enough miniatures done I will open a web shop.

    I think this will be around May or June in 2012.

    Of course I will announce it here when the miniatures can be bought.

  6. Hello Runecast

    How is your shop coming around? I would love to buy your dwarfs! :D

  7. I am hard at work at it but (un)fortunately I also have lots of commissions to do, so it is kind of hard to estimate a fix date.
    I hope and strife to manage the release this year still but please don't nail me down to it.
    The silicone moulds are ordered, the resin masters are mostly done so I am a big step further on the way.
    The webshop is the next major (and costly) step in line.