Monday 5 September 2011

Terminator Chaplain

The last achievement ready to rumble from my workbench: A Black Templar Terminator Chaplain!

One of the more extensive conversions I have done for the "Terminator-guy", it was fun to do.

The wishes and requirements given by the customer were again very specific.

The next project I will be getting my spindly fingers on will be something of a secret.
Inspiration came from the afore-mentioned "Terminator-guy", so all laurels to him.
 I can tell that much: We will stay in the Sci-Fi theme...


  1. The Head looks very good.

    Looking forward to the next project.

  2. Wonderful stuff - your sculpting in general is superb. Very crisp and clean.

    Where do you get the chain you use on the terminators you have done? It seems much finer than most of the stuff I have seen available on hobby sites.

  3. Hi CMDante

    Thanks for the kind words.

    The origin of the chains are a bit of a mystery.
    I got them as a present from a friend of mine, who also got them from a friend. As far as he knows they were bought at the Intermodellbau exhibition in Dortmund.

    Still, I can give one tip: Search them at Battlefield Berlin Online Shop, they sell chains in very small scale:

    If you type in "Ankerkette" you can find different ones, the link given is the smallest one, as far as I know.

  4. Cool, thanks for the heads up mate - loving your work, very inspiring!

  5. Hello Mr. RuneCast,

    I was wondering whether you were still open for commissions or not?

    All the best,


  6. Yes, generally speaking I am free to do commissions.
    It depends on how big a commission it is and when you need it done.
    The rest of this year my time schedule is packed to the brim.
    If that is no problem for you you can get in touch with my by email: