Tuesday 20 September 2011

News to be told

Hiho again to all of you out there!

"What has he been doing all the time?" you might ask...
Well, being busy, that is!

Apart from finishing the last paper work for the public authorities (how I love that...) I have (nearly) completed work on the momentary project populating my work bench.

I give you the Technoservant I.
I., because there will be at least one more of those fellows:

 This one comes with a weapon and human left hand, but will have another left hand option (which I still have to do) and also another right arm option, which will be a servo arm (that I am currently working on). On the last pic you can see the miniature without arm/hand options.

Inspiration for the general idea for this came from the "Terminator guy", who I did all those Terminator conversions for, so all laurels/blame to him.  :-)

I plan to cast this one in white metal and sell it along with my "Landsknecht" style dwarves (viewable in older posts) around the middle of the next year.

As always comments welcome.

Best wishes,


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