Thursday 28 June 2012

New releases, holiday plans...

Hiho there

Where have I been you might ask?!

Well, sculpting away, that is!

June has been a very busy month for me. That busy that unfortunately I wasn't neither able to sculpt something for my own line nor post anything else.

But now I met all my deadlines for June and that enables me to enjoy my coming holiday with my wife all the more. Lucky me  :-)

At least some of my older sculpts have been released by the correspondent companies.

MaxMini released some more legs I did for them a while ago:

Find them well painted here.

Tabletop-Art released a bunch of stuff I sculpted aeons ago.

Some banners:

Find them well painted here.

Cultist commander conversion set:

 These and more painted heads here.

And finally some smoke plumes for tanks or Warjacks and such:

Painted here -



That's about it for this time.
I'm off, looking forward to my holiday.

Cheers  :-)


  1. Great expression on the KOMMANDANTEN bearded face, menacing.

  2. Terrific stuff mate - those faces are amazing. Would you consider providing a tutorial or some tips on how you do them?

    Would love to see it!



  3. Thanks for the kind words.

    I could do a tutorial - but truth to be told - I do not think that I am that accomplished already to teach others how to sculpt a face.
    Sculpting faces is still a lot of try and error for me as I haven't developed a methodical approach yet.
    But it is surely a future topic for me.

  4. Hello !
    Nice work !
    My beastmen army just needs it !
    When will it be released and when will I find it ?


    1. What exactly is it you need of the stuff shown here?
      Everything shown here already got released by the named miniature companies, just follow the given links.