Monday 20 August 2012

38°C... It is too hot here...


I am surely melting here...
It is not often that I have to bear 38°C where I come from. 38°Celsius, that is over 100° Fahrenheit, for those who are used to that measurement.

Anyway, while I toil away at things I hopefully can show in the near future some of my older workings have now been released.

MaxMini released the great coat torso I had done for them ages ago.

Find it well painted here

Tabletop-Art released even more skulls for their skull line.
Some human skulls in different sizes (for 90mm size, 54mm size and 30mm size miniatures). They will be sold in 3 different conditions: complete, without lower jaw and the last one with some sort of damage, like cracks, hole, missing teeth, etc.

Find them in 90mm size here
in 54mm size here

Tabletop-Art have animal skulls, human skulls, monster skulls (dragon, minotaur and griffon) and they complete their skull line with skulls of typical fantasy tabletop races.
Demon, dwarf, beastman, ratman, lizardman and orc will now be available skullwise.  :-)

Find them painted here

Ok, that's it for now. I'm off, trying to find something cool to drink...




  1. Amazing work as usual!

    BTW any chance we will be able to get our hands on those dwarfs any time soon? My paint brushes are aching to have a go at them!


  2. Neat, kind of spooky and funny to see the three skulls together all looking in the same direction.

  3. @Blue in VT: Nah, not really. I still plan to get it done coming autumn/winter.
    But I can not promise anything...