Sunday 28 October 2012

More Ulisses Miniatures, Part 1

Hi again

Time to show some more of the sculpts I did for Ulisses. Here a woman called "Thinskari", the first female I ever sculpted:

The third miniature I did for them was also a woman, named "Kapermagierin"  (~Privateer Mage):

There you go, more revelations next week.


  1. Really nice models! Are they still available anywhere?

  2. From what I know the official release of the game will be someday in November.

  3. Hi there i came across your blog while searching Google and all i can say is wow. One question though, do you do private commissions?

  4. Yes, in general I do.
    But I am rather busy at the moment.
    I have my regular commissions and on top of that I am in thze middle of releasing my own miniature line.
    So I won't be able to do anything on top before March.

    1. That's fair enough. I've been trying to find someone who could scale down the 54mm Inquisitor Eisenhorn and Cherubael models to 40k size.

  5. That is a job I could possibly do, but only if it is not meant for commercial use as that would directly infringe upon the copyrights of Games Workshop.

  6. They would just be for myself I'm useless at using green stuff etc. I have yet to find a half decent representation in 28mm, generally the proportions are always off on the ones i have come across.

  7. Well, in that case I would be willing to do the job. We could discuss the terms if you write me an email to: