Wednesday 8 February 2012

Guess what: New Terminators!

This fella must be Terminator-addicted or something.

Recently I finished another Terminator conversion job for him.
Makes me wonder when the next bunch of those will come along...^^

Apart from that I did more stuff for Tabletop-Art and Freebooter. I hope they release some of that soon, so that I can present some pictures here.




  1. Lovely as usual my friend.
    May I ask what the grey putty is you are using?
    And have you any tips for making smooth cloth such as shown in your pictures, I only ask because you are obviously very good at it and I am not!

  2. That grey putty is a prototype of a friend of mine.
    He produces it only for selfuse so far and fortunately sends me some, if I am in need.

    The smooth finish I do get by smoothening the surface when the putty has already cured a bit, but is still pliable.
    I do then bedew the tip of a round sculpting tool with odourless white spirit and flatten the rough parts to a smooth finish.

  3. Ah I see it is a very nice looking putty, I particularly like the colour as it is so neutral.

    I will have to try white spirit on my tools, I use water or vaseline myself.

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. What or where do you find chains that size? I've got stacks of jewellery chain but none of them come close to that small.

    1. Actually I never bought them. I got them as a gift from a fellow sculptor and he got them as a gift too...

      Nevertheless, try Battlefield Berlin, a german distributor. They do have chains under the name "Ankerkette" which is something like Anchorchain translated. I think they took those from the modell ships sector. They do have them in three different sizes, if I recall correctly.

      Size A is the smallest with a thread strength of 0,2 mm, a single chain link is 0,9 mm wide and 1,1 mm long, so it is fairly small.
      Find them here:

      Or try google and type in Anchorchain or something like that. Suppliers for historical ship modelling might yield better hits regarding small chain then jewelry suppliers.