Sunday 17 July 2011

Mambo No. 5...

Well, not Mambo No. 5, but Terminator No. 5 is ready .

For those interested some background information:

The modelling putty I use is called "Bees Putty" and done by my former employer Stefan from Masquerade Miniatures. It is a two-component putty that he produces himself but unfortunately he does it only for selfuse because the production cost is too high to be lucrative for selling.

In return Bees Putty is vastly superior to other modelling putties as it is dimensionally very stable even while uncured and has a long handling time. The setting time can easily be sped up by warmth, just put your sculpted miniature near a lamp and the curing time will be shortened significantly.
The best about it is, that in difference to modelling putties like "Green Stuff", it can be sanded, scraped, drilled, filed, etc. very well after curing.

At the moment Stefan does some research to create a similar modelling putty for sale, so keep in mind to check his homepage once in a while:

OK, that's it from me for today, stay tuned for the grand final, when the squad-leader of the Black Templar Terminators will be finished.  :-)



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