Wednesday 26 June 2013

Private Practice

It's been a while that I did something for a private costumer, so I was rather excited about the job offer I got from Mr. B.

He is a huge DSA Fan (DSA = Das schwarze Auge, a german "pen & paper" roleplaying game) and so he asked me to sculpt him in the style of the Ulisses "Schicksalspfade" miniatures which I have been working on a lot in the past months. The skirmish game "Schicksalspfade" is settled in the world of DSA.

I got a bunch of pictures of him in a medieval costume and also a suggestion for the pose. I could share pics of the finished sculpt now, but he asked me to wait with that. He and Ulisses agreed to show the miniature when it is painted up on the Ulisses home page and Mr. B. asked me to wait with showing pics of the sculpt untill then, so there.

He also wanted me to convert the officer of the  Imperial Guard Vostroyan Command Squad from Games Workshop, so that he resembles Vostroyan Lord Marshall Graf Harazahn and these pics I can show:

Finally MaxMini released some arm options I sculpted for their "Great Coat" themed legs and torso:

 Find them here.

I am waiting for Mantic, Blight Wheel Miniatures and Stronghold Terrain to release the latest sculpts I did for them so that I can share some pictures with you. Also Ulisses have a new faction for their skirmish game in the pipe which I sculpted some months ago. Hope those will hit the shelves soon, too.



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