Wednesday 21 August 2013

Last news before my holidays

Hiho there :-)

Three more days and the waiting is over - I will then be heading for France and Spain, looking forward to good food, sunny weather, golden beaches and trekking through northern Spain's mountains - YEEHAAA!

But before that I want to share some more news with you of course.

One of the last sculpts to leave my workbench is a half-naked chainsaw-wielding vampire for a private costumer.
The chainsaw I sculpted using a mixture of green stuff and milliput, the vampire itself is sculpted in BeeSPutty, as usual.

The costumer asked for some changes, so I made the waist a bit slimmer and the mouth a bit smaller.

The next miniature I can show is a gargoyle I sculpted for Mantic Games. He is called Ba'su'su and is the lord of all gargoyles, a special character for the supplement "Kings and Legends".

Find out more about Ba'su'su here on the Mantic Games blog.

Well, that's it for this month.
Next month after my return from Spain I will perhaps be ready to show some sneak preview of the pictures I made for my soon to come online shop.

Stay tuned and happy gaming and painting.




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