Tuesday 29 July 2014

A hungry Swordplayer

Hiho there.

Dwarfs love a hearty meal and good sip of ale.

My newest Swordplayer shows this to full extent. He is somewhat "stronger of build" compared to his unit mates which might be the result of being unable to resist a quick snack even when battle is nigh to commence.

But then again, a good fight needs a good basis, lest you'll be unable to give your weapon a good swing.

So there!  :-)

Anyway, here some pictures of the latest addition of the Lansquenet Bidenhänders:

Swordplayer No. 5

Sculpted using BeeSPutty for most of the miniature and a mixture of GreenStuff and Milliput for the weapon and the tankard. The sword handle I shaped by turning a small piece of plastic rod.

The helmet is a triple-ridged burgonet, for the rest of the armor I focused on a more realistic approach compared to my first Bidenhänder Dwarfs of the Command Group (I hope this suits you, Fernando...^^).

That leaves me having to sculpt one more Swordplayer to reach my goal of 6 troopers for my Bidenhänder elite unit.

But that is something for later.  :-)

Cheers and have fun,