Tuesday 15 November 2011

More Dread WIP Pictures

Work on the Forgeworld Dreadnought goes steady along, so here some more WIP pictures I took in the meantime.

Here you get a general idea into which direction this conversion is heading - charging straight into the enemy lines, batting resistance aside with his massive  forceshield while punishing the heretics with his brutal energy flail.

The flail:
I will complete the weapon by sculpting on a generator and some tubes to suggest the flail to be an energy weapon. Also the shoulder armor has to be sculpted.

The shield:
Also not quite finished. The lower decoration will be repeated on the other "edges" and some Templar crosses will be sculpted along the border.

The body:
On the body there are still missing some chains and other decorations like purity seals.

I think I will have this one finished soon and can deliver more pictures then.

Stay tuned,


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