Thursday 17 November 2011

Next step for the Dwarfs and Dread

Hi everyone

Yesterday I visited my friend Stefan from MASQUERADE-Miniatures and there started the next step for my coming miniature range.

I produced the silicone moulds for making the resin masters and then did cast them.

Here is what the Dwarfs look like:

Furthermore I finished the front of the shield for the Contemptor Dreadnought Conversion:

Next I will show some photos of the Technoservant which also is cast in resin now.



  1. Wow, the casts have turned out fantastic mate! Very impressed by the crispness of the shield also.

    When and where will the dwarves be available?

  2. Excellent casts. Had a bit of doubt, whether the sword would actually look too "small" (small, as in too true scale, rather than heroic fantasy - small) - but the resin evidence proved me wrong. Excellent, excellent job, Gregor. Will go so well with my old Marauder Miniature and WKmini stuff :) I'll have to pick up at set of these as soon as they are available.


  3. Building a Marauder dwarf army, these will fit right in!

    Where and when can I buy some?

  4. Hi

    I plan to launch an own webshop in the middle of 2012 where these can be bought.
    Of course I will announce it here.

  5. So glad this is still going ahead really want some of those dwarfs they are so dam fine looking a must for me.

    Still working to get the funds together for the sculpt project we discussed as soon as I do will contact you about it ……

    Bloodpact heads

  6. Great miniatures,I hope to see them soon,I´m a fanatic of dwarves and they are perfect for my old school army.When will the dwarves be available?

  7. Can not say that for sure yet. I hope to launch my own webshop in the second half of this year.
    Depends on how I find the time for it beside doing commissions.

  8.  Hello
    When putting your sale those dwarves???