Saturday 3 December 2011

Peaceful and contemplative Advent season?

Well, at least not for me. :-)

Not that I am not used to lots of work before Christmas - was like that every year back when I had been dental technician - but who would have guessed that it is quite the same in the miniatures business?

Having finished a commission for Freebooter Miniatures I still have lots of stuff to do for Tabletop Art and MaxMini, another conversion  for a private customer and not to forget my own range.

So no boredom for me it seems.  ;- D

Nevertheless, I announced to show some pics of the first technoservant in resin, so there you are:

Now the version with the gun and alternative hand:

Observant ones might have noticed that I resculpted the miniature a bit. I added about a millimetre to the bottom as the legs were a tad to short. I could have added more, but I did not want to make the servant too large.

Ok, that's it so far. Can't really say what I am going to show next, but I guess it will be conversion works.

Till then all the best for you out there,



  1. Great work! Any chance this will be for sale, as I would love to get one. Cheers.

  2. Thanks for the laurels. :-)

    Yes, chances are good that these will be available.

    The plan is to launch an own webshop in the middle of 2012 if all goes well.


  3. I want one I want one ! Your sculpting work is amazing still want those heads mind still getting the cash together for them !

  4. How do we commission you!?!? Your stuff is exquisite. I would also buy this if it were made available

  5. Hi Big Poppa Fresh

    You can email me at: