Sunday 25 December 2011

Pimp my wolf !

Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas is here and even had a present for me in stock: Time for myself - hooray!

For a very very long time now there are several Thunderwolves who still plead for some paint to grace their sorry hides.

Here a picture of the first Thunderwolf I converted and painted for my Great Company of Sven Bloodhowl        (Sven Eisklaue in the German Codex):

The mount for my second rider is painted already:

I started the conversion of the rider in march, or so, but never found the time to finish it. Now I really felt like finishing this venture and gave it a go yesterday.
To me the Thunderwolf riders are the elite of the elite, recruiting from the ranks of the Wolfguard.
As such I wanted my rider to look like a bear of a man, all hairy and hirsute, with bushy beard, long wavy hair with braids and such, much like a wolf-riding viking in power armour.

That is what came out:

The miniature itself is a potpourri of parts from several different Games Workshop boxes:
The legs are from normal Space Marines, converted to be looking like riders legs and then beeing given stirrups.
The chestpiece is taken from a Chaos Space Marine, the backpiece with the wolfpelt is from the old Space Wolves Accessories Frame, which is still availlable.
The shoulderpads and head are from the current Space Wolves Box, as is the bolt pistol. I removed the hair from the head and resculpted it to my liking. A necklace was added in a dynamic pose for some sense of movement.
The chainsword is again taken from a Chaos Space Marine (surely a trophy from the last encounter with the weak Thousand Sons, hrhr...).
The backpack finally is a standard one with one selfmade wolftail and one from the afore mentioned Space Wolves Accessories Frame.

In the days to come I plan to paint the rider in my scarce spare time so that the finished one will have a stout companion to empty some kegs with...




  1. Wiedermal hervorragende Arbeit! Wundervoll.

  2. Sehr geniale Arbeit!
    Nimmst du auch Modellieraufträge an? Wenn ja, lass uns mal darüber reden!

  3. Danke für die Blumen :-)

    Ja, ich nehme auch Modellieraufträge an. Schreib mir doch eine Mail an