Monday 14 January 2013

Happy New Year!

What better way to start the new year than posting pictures of some new dwarfs?

Though they have not been released yet, Ulisses allowed the german forum of "Brückenkopf-Online" to show a sneak preview of these fellows.

I was rather glad that it was me who was to sculpt the whole dwarven range for the skirmish game "Schicksalspfade". Sculpting dwarfs has always been my favourite and I think that will be so till my dying day.
Differing from what I usually sculpt in dwarfs these have a more "realistic" approach, actually having legs with knees! ;-)

Here the pictures that have already been shown at Brückenkopf:

They are a rather short lot, the first dwarf with the spear for example is 24mm from toe to helmtop.
To give a better a better comparison here a shot of the first one next to a GW dwarf:

(GW Miniature shown only for size comparison)

Well, that's it for now, I am off - got some more sculpts for a new range of humans for Ulisses to do...  :-)


  1. Amazing work, crossbow details are particularly neat. On that model I really like the feet, how they settle works out so well and gives such a indication of bodily weight.

    It's up to you to divulge but it would be really interesting to see in-progress pictures of these. Texture and overall shape and form are really cohesive.

  2. Thanks for the praise. :-)

    Unfortunately I did not take any work-in-progress pictures, so I can not show any, sorry.

    I will show more pictures of those dwarves though, as soon as Ulisses releases them.

  3.  Hello very good work... but I want to see your amazing imperial dwarfs... the captain and musician are beautifull
    When being on sale?