Saturday 16 November 2013

Beastkin come a-brawlin'

Ooooooooh - long time no see!

And time it is to reveal more of what is to come soooon! Yep, soooooon! 
All the miniatures are cast, photographed, bagged and put into boxes.

Everything prepared to get it to the guy who will put it into his online shop.
And now he tells me that he probably will have no time this weekend - Aaaaargh!

This is sooo frustrating, because waiting soo long for the release I really, like REALLY! have ants in my pants getting the miniatures released finally.

Anyway, as there is not much I can do about it it leaves me with plenty of time to share some more pictures with you.

The following two have had a long time creeping through the underwood - the first one rumbling through the shrubs, the other one at his heals berating him with his bleating voice: 

Hog Tusker and Satyr Ancient

That's it for now.




  1. Wow! First class stuff. I recall the sculpts for these two from way back when.

    Where can we get these?

  2. I will reveal the shop address as soon as I am sure that everything is running smoothly with the online shop.
    I still have hope that the shop owner finds some time today in the evening. That would allow me to visit him by car and deliver the miniatures.

    Else that will have to wait till next weekend.

    But as I said, as soon as the shop owner has the minis and the correspondent pages in his shop are unlocked I will make a big announcement here.