Wednesday 20 November 2013

RuneCast-Miniatures are GO!


Finally! That is the word that comes to my mind when I think of what I am about to tell you lot.
Because finally, finally for all those who are interested and have been waiting for so long RuneCast-Miniatures are now available - Hooorrraay !  :-D

First a big SORRY for the time you had to wait because of my release date estimations I could not keep.
But then again there is this saying: "Good things come to those who wait", so there...^^

Ok, so what do I have in stock?

Generally said I provide finely sculpted miniatures for gamers, painters and collectors.
My miniatures will be provided unpainted and unassambled, cast in a high-quality tinn alloy.
Slotta-Bases will be included. My miniatures and bits are suited for 28 to 30 mm heroic "scale".

Over the last few weeks I have been showing pictures of the miniatures that will be available now but for your convenience I will sum it up to give you an overview of my product line.
Most of those who follow my blog are aware of the miniatures that I have up my sleeve but till now no one knows about the bits I will also be providing, so listen up! :-)

Let's start with the miniatures, first the Fantasy ones:



These three stout fellows form the Command Group of the armoured elite of the Lansquenet-Dwarfs and those are the first of my fantasy line that will see some love in form of more troopers armed with mighty Bidenhänders (two-handed swords) and clad in finest dwarven steel.

This one some of you might remember as my contribution to the 2012 sculpting contest of the Mini Sculpture forum.
He is going to be the Musician of the Crossbowmen Command Group.


The Beastkin are an odd lot. They dwell in the Great Forests and come with all the character traits one can also encounter in mankind. Some of them live a peaceful and ascetic life, in harmony with the flora and fauna around them, others barely can satisfy their lust and need for battle, rape and gluttony. As varied as their tempers are also their physical appearances.

Hog Tusker 1

This furry bloke is called Hog Tusker 1 (more are planned) and is part of the Brawlers, the melee fighters of the Beastkin.

Satyr Ancient
The Satyr Ancient is one of the spiritual leaders of the Beastkin, highly respected even amongst the most belligerent of his kind. He lives an austere and reclusive life, but in times of need he is always there to give counsel.

On we go with the Science Fiction miniatures I have sculpted so far:


The Cultists are a depraved sect of separatists. They embraced the forces of Entropy and Chaos and are the enemies of progress and prosperity.

Octolyte of Entropy
Here we have an Octolyte of Entropy. The title he gets at the initiation rite depends on what "enhancement" the Acolyte has been granted by the hideous forces he worships.

Krakolyte of Entropy
A Krakolyte of Entropy, given the tentacle of a Kraken to better serve the cause of his masters.

The last batch are the Bits:


Mostly so far I have done bits that took my fancy, were useful to me or asked for. I certainly will do more head replacement bits and other stuff that comes to my mind, but I will also appreciate your suggestions on what might be needed and usefull.

Bascinets with Klappvisor

Bascinets with Klappvisor

These head replacements I did for my own need. In tabletop games among others I field an army of medieval knights of which I did not like the helmets. What to do? Why, sculpt some on my own!
I tried to give them a more realistic, historically correct appearance, so I did a lot of research in books like Osprey and Funcken, the internet and even visiting museums.
Bascinets with Klappvisor were very commonplace in medieval Germany but could also be found in other european countries. Bascinets in general were very popular in their perid of time and much in use from the early 14th century on through the entire 15th century. Depending on the form of the visor used they were also known as "houndskull" or "pigfaced" bascinets, "Hundsgugel" in the German speaking area.

In order to have more variety I also did bascinets with side-pivoting visors which were more often seen outside medieval Germany.

Bascinets with Visor

Bascinets with Visor

Human Long Bones
Skulls are a type of bits that have been realised by many Miniature companies. I also sculpted some back when I worked for Masquerade Miniatures and also did them for Tabletop-Art.
But what of other bones? There always seemed to be a sort of shortage of these, so I decided to sculpt Human Long Bones with which to decorate my miniatures, bases and dioramas.

Being very filigree they were hell to cast but I am very happy with the outcome. We have thigh-bones, shinbones, upper arm bones, elbow bones and radial bones - each in a left and right variant.

Some more Bits? Yes! I also did some arm replacements for my Cultist Acolytes so that they can also be used for non-cultist armies and for more variety:

Cybernetic Saw Arm

Cybernetic Grappler

Cybernetic Plasmagun

Cybernetic Flamer

 That's it - so far!

At the moment I have various commissions to sculpt but I have already locked in sculpting-time slots to enlarge my range of products.
As mentioned before the Lansquenet-Dwarfs will be at the forefront to receive reinforcements.

But now on to the important question:

 Where can I get them miniatures?

Right now the only place where you can buy RuneCast-Miniatures is the PK-PRO Online Shop.

Look out for these banners to get to the place:

Well, I certainly have been waiting a long, long time to give the official release of my miniatures and I really hope you lot out there like what I provide now and will provide in the future.

All the best,



  1. YESSSSSSS!!!! These will be added to my collection at last, great dwarfs I just so hope you expand the range as they are amazing looking.

  2. Hey, awesome stuff - but you should send your news to TMP and TGN to reach a broader audience.

    Oh, and to me if you can be bothered ;)

    1. TMP and TGN are definitely on my to-do-list for today.

      I am not sure how to get your last sentence though.

    2. Nimmst du auch andre Händler auf ? So die Hobbyshops und so. Ich würd das lieber in meinem Stammladen kaufen.

    3. Momentan habe ich die Sachen nur bei PK-PRO, weil der mir sehr gute Konditionen angeboten hat.

      Viele Händler verlangen heftige Prozente und da ich keine Kickstarter- bzw. Indiegogo-Kampagne machen wollte, habe ich reichlich Vorlaufkosten.

      Darum hängt es maßgeblich von den Konditionen ab, die die Shops verlangen.

      Welcher ist denn Dein Stammladen?

    4. I am running my own (quite popular, I dare to say) news blog ( and write the Outside the Box articles for BoLS, so it would be much appreciated if you could include me in your "press release list" :)

  3. Woo! I've been waiting for a chance to grab that wereboar creature for ages.

  4. Gestern kamen die beiden Krakenkultisten plus den cybernetischen Sägen- und Zangenarm bei mir an und ich habe sie gleich mal entsprechend umgebaut...*hust* *techpriester* *hust* *hust*
    Ich habe sie beim Brückenkopf gesehen und SOFORT! bestellt, so begeistert war ich.

    Die Details sind wirklich sehr schick und der Guss absolut sauber. Der Zusammenbau lief wie geschmiert. Ich werde mich dann mal an die Bemalung machen. :)

    Bin auf jeden Fall mal auf neue Minis und - vor allem - Bits gespannt, da ich sehr viele Umbauten mache und daher gerade immer an neuen Bits interessiert bin.

    1. Danke für das Lob, freut mich, wenn's gefällt. :-)

  5. One little piggy is now all the way down in Australia. The details are fantastic, the cast is excellent. I can't wait to paint it... just have to finish some others first.

    With the Hog Tusker you mention you are planning others. Is that others with different animals, boar, goat, wolf, bat, snake? Or just more boar ones?

    1. I plan to do more Hog Tuskers but I also plan to let my mind "run riot" in this field of sculpting and do lots of other "animals".

  6. Congrats for getting your own minis out!

    I look forward to seeing more, and will be getting some cultists. Those long bones and knight helm sprues will be very useful to me and my friends, and I'll pass the word around.

    I'd love to see more head sprues, especially female for modern and near future; there is a real shortage of choice for them.

    1. I will do more head sprues though I can not yet say when. The first faction that will see more reinforcements are surely the Lansquenet Dwarfs - I consider them to be my flagship so my focus definitely lies there.