Wednesday 6 November 2013

First a pipe, then the orcs...

Hiho again!

This one is the last of the dwarfs I have sculpted so far for my line and it has a special story too.

Motivation for this one came to me when the Mini Sculpture forum started a sculpting competition in 2012 with "musician" as the overall theme.

I am always quick to find an excuse to sculpt dwarfs, especially those in "Lansquenet-Style" and so this idea with a dwarven drummer packing his pipe in a relaxed pose really hit me in no time!

Also special because that dwarf was the very first miniature I sculpted in the earliest prototype of "one-component" BeeSPutty.
I have seen BeeSPutty going through all of its developing stages (from the start as a two-component putty till its final one-component version now) and it is my sculpting putty of choice for quite some time now - a job well done, Stefan! (Stefan is the mastermind behind Masquerade Miniatures, producer of BeeSPutty).

Here some pictures:

Next time I will reveal some pictures of the second fantasy faction I started sculpting for: The beastkin.

Till then all the best,



  1. I love this figure...perhaps my favorite of your dwarves. Its nice to see you painting skills at work...your sculpting is immaculate but you are just as talented as a painter.

  2. Another great sculpt and paint job. they are all so characterful!